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Brandon Amor


Brandon Amor – as an entity – is a growth-oriented entertainment business that focuses on selling music, providing live performances, creating music videos/YouTube videos, and creating social media content. The point of all this is to create music and art that creates a safe space/unifies the POC LGBTQ+ community, 1st gen. Filipino-Americans, and 1st gen. Asian-Americans. I am a part of all three communities, and have come upon the lack of diversity in creative industries, so it is important to me that I can be someone that these people can use to connect and uplift one another.



Bachelor of Professional Music Production & Business


Music Producer

- Assist in translating artists message through connecting with them to understand artistic vision and direction - Use of home studio spaces to record clean audio for artists as well as create accompanying synth sounds - Complete all mixing and mastering using Logic, Ozone, Oxford inflator, produce final tracks - Assist in creating vocal arrangements to incorporate complex harmonies and interesting chord progressions to create a unique sound - Intimate knowledge of low latency tech and processes to conduct virtual recording sessions [Zoom & Streamlabs] - Notable collaborations include: Sophie Holohan, Quincy Bunn (Bed Sweater), Coco Smith, Maya Rae (Tiny Habits)

Music Producer

- October Skies (feat. Sophie Holohan) by brandon amor - strawberry boy! (feat. Quincy Bunn) by brandon amor - Jewelry by brandon amor - Code by brandon amor - Skylit Motel by Victoria Grills - Junior Prom by Victoria Grills - Electrify by Nate Stran - The Waltz of 109 Days, an album by brandon amor

Rentals Manager

- Responsible for running rentals systems, managing and maintaining inventory, tracking rental/rental coverage sales, & instrument and technology repair - Managed rentals for Boston Calling music festival, on average worked w/ 3-6 artists, bands, and groups to provide, Chauvet lighting, ADJ fog machines, QSC & ElectroVoice sound systems, run with Allen & Heath mixers - Remi Wolf & Weezer came in with lists along with restrictions, and I designed setups to sell to them based on cost, efficiency, and usefulness to the artist. The setups consisted of Yamaha speakers, Neumann microphones, and Nord synthesizers.

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